Cosmetic Dentistry

Oakwood Family Dentistry in Claremore offers wonderful options for cosmetic dentistry with high quality, customized crowns and veneers that match the natural colors of the surrounding teeth.  Cosmetic dentistry can be life-changing, and we believe all our patients deserve a smile that is a 10, so we offer services using only the best materials and labs.  We use all porcelain elite veneers to create the smile you have always wanted with a natural, translucent look that allows light to reflect just like a natural tooth would.  Our results are so wonderful and lifelike that it is nearly impossible to tell that it is a restoration.

Crowns and veneers can be used to repair chips and cracks in natural teeth, as well as to cover dark spots.  They may also be used to strengthen teeth after other restorative work has already been done, such as root canal therapy.  Because we use the most modern tools and materials, crowns and veneers create a more beautiful smile while maintaining fracture resistant strength that will last for years.

Whether you need restorative crowns or cosmetic veneers, we can help! Request an appointment to get started today!